Sunday, 1 June 2014

You will be changed by time.

By time.

You will knew,

Everything about you changed totally.
From small girl to a big young girl.
From primary school to secondary school.
From college to university.
From a single word to infinity words.
From big toothpaste to a big one.
From you never having a weird feeling to a loving one.
From you never know how to make a dish to a pro chef one.
From a zero first student to a graduated one.
From a first meet to close meet.
From a student to a teacher.
From a bachelor to married person.
From never know what is big to a seriously thinker for big thing.
From you never know who is the most important to a pious one.
From you wearing a tight jeans to a flowy skirt.
From you never talking about deen to a very dedicated daie.
From you pray in a lack one to the high attention in solah.
From you playing a masak-masak to playing a quranic verses
From alif ba ta to amma yatasaaulun
From live to die.

Thats the end. Fortunately,everyone deserved die. We,you and i decide it by time. Yes,by time. You will learn through time. Difficult and ease one. Allah is the Best Planner. Seek everything from Him. Wallahi, everyday and everytime. Time is always the best turning point. Today is our day. Changing better everyday is what our deen want. Muslims is the best human in the world. We knew who is the Creator. Who is the Greater,The Bigger,The Forgiver,The Mighty,The Merciful and th others out of 99 names of Allah.

Allah, make our time is barakah time. Because we knew dunya is only like a day when we've died. Make us benefit to deen. Ameeen ya Rabb.

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